Trauma, Neurobiology and Sensory Interventions for Individuals at Risk

Denise R. Wolf MA, ATR-BC, ATCS, LPC – 3 CEU’s

This workshop will provide participations with both didactic learning, experiential activities, and culminate in the creation of a sensory informed strategy for their own clinical application.

Beginning with an overview of the prevalence of trauma we will briefly review the seminal ACE’s studies. A brief history of trauma theory as it applies to normative attachment will also be reviewed. Next, participants will receive an overview of neural development as it applies to trauma, looking specifically at Bruce Perry’s theory of bottom up and top-down regulation strategies. The impact of sensory activities on the brain will be explored in relationship to areas of brain functioning. Sensory systems will be identified, and participants will complete a sensory inventory as it pertains to a client. Specific trauma sensitive activities will be identified and connected to trauma repair. Participants will work in small groups to complete a Sensory Strategy plan that they can implement in their practice.